Promenade n° 7 : L'Isbelle

Datum: 07/01/2020

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At the church, take rue de l'Espinette towards Soy. 200 m further on, turn right towards Mélines *. Cross the national Hotton * -Erezée at the crossroads of (1) .517TH Rgt Paras Airbonne. A stele was erected here in memory of 14 American paratroopers who died during the clashes of December 23, 24, 25 and 26, 1944 against the German forces in the Soy - Hotton * - Lamormenil region. Continue on the asphalt road between deciduous woods, dotted in spring with pretty woodland anemones. During the descent, also notice the presence of some cherry trees. Below flows the Lisbelle stream. At the bottom of the hill, turn right towards the campsite. Cross the campsite. Cross the stream and go to the right. The path goes up in the woods. Notice on the left the "Biette cross", the occis cross erected in memory of an inhabitant of Soy (no date). When you come out of the wood, "T" on the right. Cross the ford and continue straight on a dirt road between hedges and pastures. At the “T”, go right and go through the village of Wy. Next "T" to the left. Pass in front of the Notre-Dame chapel, a small 19th century building made of squared limestone. Ignore the 1st road on the left. On leaving the village, take the road which climbs to your left. Take a path on the right which passes under the high voltage lines. Take a left at the edge of the woods. On leaving the woods, continue straight on the road to return to Soy, enjoying beautiful views towards the valley. Just before arriving in the village, take a stone path on the left. At the picnic area, ignore the road on the right that goes down between the houses and continue straight until the edge of the woods. Go down to the right along the wood.

Beautiful view towards the Saint-Roch chapel and the foothills of the Ardennes. Facing a Christ on the cross on the left, a beautiful alley leads to the Saint-Roch chapel. During the descent, we discover the village of Soy and in particular the castle-farm. The latter, partly listed, is built of bricks and blue stones on an 18th century base, but it seems that the origin of the castle dates back to the 12th century. Pass along the château-ferme, cross the Érezée-Hotton * road, take the road towards Oppagne-Biron * (you will find a beautiful place with a picnic table) then directly to the left, take the rue du Ris del Val to join the PRE-RAVEL in the direction of Ny *. Cross the Soy-Ny * road and descend towards Ny * through the countryside while staying to the left of the road. Cross a pasture. (Close the barrier if necessary). Enter a hardwood forest, dotted in spring with anemones, cardamines, primroses and wild pansies. Quickly take a small path to the left then directly to the right. Then cross a mountain bike circuit and Acro –branches course. At the bottom of the hill take a right and then a direct left behind a house. Join the village and the starting point.

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